Woodworking equipment

No: P0167

One second-hand 10 head moulder type WEINIG Hydromat 25r

Machine.no 2591 - 503 , delivered 1979

Basic technical data:
Planing width 250 mm
Planing thickness 140 mm
Spindle rpm 6000
Spindle diameters 50 mm
Feeding going through 0 - 60 m/min

Price on request

No: P0166

Debarker type Cambio 70-66DA

Max logdiameter 65 cm
Min logdiameter 10 cm

No: P0160

Tripple bandsaw for sawn timber and blocks.
Manufactured by CANALI

No: P0159

Log bandsaw with log carriage manufactured by STENNER.

No: P0097

Debarking unit for short logs down to 1 meter in length.
The unit consist of ring debarker type cambio 70-35 with triamgular feedworks at in and outfeed sides.
Max diameter of logs 35 cm
Min diameter of logs 5 cm
Max feeding speed 42 m/min.
The unit is delivered reconditioned with guarrante

No: P0112

Disc chipper manufactured by Söderhamns type 670-56
The unit will be delivered reconditioned

No: P0110

Disc chipper manufactured by KMW type SH 201-T

No: P0103

Manufactured by Vollmer in Germany type PMH.
The machine is equipted for working with bandsawblades.
One set of bandsawblade supports included.

No: P0102

Automatic Grinding machine for cutters type JAJOD.
Suitable for cutters with 4, 6, 8 and 12 teeths.

No: P0098

Disc chipper manufactured by Söderhamns type 670-56 Orkan with bottom outlet
Capacity up to 190 m3 of ready made chips per hour.
The machine is equippted with 6 chipping knifes.

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